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American Maid 3 Gallon Water Bottle

This American Maid 3 Gallon water Bottle is a top-rated surrogate to save on your water bill and look stylish too! This jug container is fabricated from bpa-free plastic and comes with a jumble (jug and glass) tag.

American Maid 3 Gal Water Bottle

This American Maid 3-pack water Bottle is top-notch for 1 or 3 Gallon jugs! It features cute water Bottle caps and is produced of durable plastic, it is straightforward to adopt and fit for your 3 or 5 Gallon jugs. American Maid water Bottle 3 Gallon water bottle, this large 3-gallon water Bottle is first-rate for carrying on the job day or night. It's made of bpa-free plastic and grants a front zip-up bag for keeping tools, drink refills and more in one place, it's also machine-washable and wrinkle-resistant. This American Maid 3-gallon water Bottle is a secure liquid jug container that is bpa-free and easy-to-grip, it grants an 3-foot length and is packed with features to make it a sensational surrogate for your water Bottle storage needs. This American Maid 3 Gallon water Bottle is fantastic for outdoor hunting, fishing, and camping, it is moreover top-notch for a home office or personal water bottle. This Bottle is 3 quart size so it can handle big water dishes, the outside is produced of durable plastic with a camera or fishing mirror design. The jugs is manufactured of durable materials also.