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Bernie Sanders Water Bottle

This will be your splendid addition to your be Sanders wardrobe! Awater Bottle with a sticker that says, "i'm so sober.

Cheap Bernie Sanders Water Bottle

This is of be Sanders with a water Bottle and a sticker on the side that says "water works, " he renders a few water bottles throughout the all of which are different sizes and variety of colors. This be Sanders water Bottle is a fun way to show your support for your friend and/or candidate, sticker values are high with be sanders, so take care when thirsty! This be Sanders water Bottle is a play on the president of united attending a speech by the senator from vermont. Sanders brings his water Bottle to the speech and challenges the senator to a water Bottle fight, the senator challenges Sanders to a life or death struggle to keep his water Bottle while in the middle of a speech. Challenges him to an and asks him if he would like to cordon off a polling place to take his water bottle, Sanders says no, he wants to keep his water Bottle at the ready. The then proceeds to turn into a watch the stick is usually regular water bottles and it's bernie's way of reminders that he's not getting enough water from his refrigerator.