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Bite Valve Water Bottle

This Bite Valve water Bottle replacement cap or straw is for the camelbak eddy water Bottle and is a first-rate alternative for people who lose their lid, this cap is new lid from the company and imparts a nice digging orange color. It is again made from durable plastic and grants blue water color.

Camelbak Straw Water Bottle

This camelbak straw water Bottle replacement cap and straw have a new Bite Valve that allows you to drink from the Bottle without having to grandchildren's parties, the old lid straw was becoming tired and browned out. The new lid straw renders a new blue eyes which makes it more noticeable, the old lid was also starting to rust. The eddy water Bottle Bite valves are splendid way to improve your drinking water quality! You can replace your straws with these and enjoy your drink with more confidence, the help keep your drinking water quality while you're on the go. This 3 pack lids bundle for hydro flask standard mouth water Bottle straw Bite Valve peerless for individuals scouring for a water Bottle with a smile, it includes 3 lid options to suit different water bottles, all of which are equipped with a hydro flask standard mouth water Bottle straw. This make it straightforward to grab a drink without having to worry about opening up the bottle, the Bite valves water Bottle Bite Valve is a valuable surrogate to ensure your water Bottle is getting the oxygen it needs! These Valve are and will work with any camelbak eddy water bottle. The Bite valves help keep your water bottle's oxygen level up, ensuring you have more water in your Bottle for hours on end.