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Vintage 5 Gallon Glass Water Bottle

This 5 Gallon Glass water Bottle is fabricated of plastic and wooden panels, it is inscribed with a (clothing and costume institute) brand name and is filled with fresh, cold water from an 5-gallon Glass jar. The Bottle is up-selling a gift for a friend who is visiting mexico.

5 Gallon Glass Water Bottles

This 5 Gallon Glass water Bottle is an excellent alternative for suitors who grove on history, it'sorigins date back to 1912 and is manufactured of weather-proofed metal. It's also made of plastic and is refillable with water, it's enticing for taking on vacation or for storing water during the winter. This 5 Gallon wine bottle-sized water Bottle is dandy for carrying your water along with you wherever you go, the unique Glass design ensures that it will be a quickly forgotten water bottle. Plus, the cute design will make you look like a pro, this Glass water Bottle is a top-rated value! It comes with an 5 Gallon tank and a Glass cover. It is sterling for keeping on hand a small amount of water for that rare occasion when you need to drink from a Glass bottle! This Vintage 5 Gallon Glass water blue tinted Bottle is fabricated in mexico and features a beautiful blue color, it is ideal for use in the rain or during storms. This Bottle is again best-in-class for keeping water cold.