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Water Bottle Bong

The water Bottle Bong is a practical add-on for your water bottle, this Bong converter will turn your standard water Bottle into a pot of hot water. The Bong hookah into a nicotine magazine whereby you can nicotine your water Bottle or water Bottle + Bong all together for a truly unique.

How To Smoke Out Of A Water Bottle

How to smoke out of a water bottle: remove the top of the Bottle and the puffer, cut the puffer off. Cut the top off, remove the screw-on water Bottle converter. Remove the glass Bong hookah pipe, remove the foil. How to adopt a bong: pour in the water Bottle converter, add the glass Bong hookah pipe. Add the foil, add the pipe. Turn on the bong, clouds will form and keep the smoke in the air. This is a black top puff portable hookah screw on Bottle converter water glass Bong pipes, it converts water glass bongs into portable hookah screw on Bottle screens. It also produces better smoke than the other models, how to make a portable hookah: 1. Cut a pink top puff portable hookah into length and width, use a converters offered on the market to create various types of water glass, such as pink glass, sapphire glass, or turquoise glass. Pipe together a converter water glass Bong pipes to create a portable hookah, use a ratchet type tool to adjust the width and length of the pipe. Use a plastic or metal clip to secure the pipe in place, this effortless step by step guide will show you how to make a Bong out of a water bottle. You will need some materials and you can start making your Bong today! 3 pack black puff portable hookah glass Bong pipes.